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Digital Refractor
Digital refractor PDR-7000 which is small
and slim design showing more powerful
optometry performance provides precise
and various tests conveniently.
▶Ergonomic design
▶Forehead pedestal sensor
▶Nearsightedness test of all kinds
  • 기능 및 특징
Supply dual cross cylinder lens

Dual cross cylinder lens makes more accurate and easy astigmatism and proof test.

Automatic cover function

Since when reversing lens and switching mode, automatic cover function prevents intervention of accommodation force, easy and test is possible.

Congestion Control

Test can be done by the center of the lens test in window both presbyopia and nearsighted test.

Nearsightedness test of all kinds

Various target makes possible many kinds of nearsightedness test.

Various test method

PDR-7000 provides various muscle balance test methods such as graefe test,
Schober Test, Madox Rod Test, etc.

Ergonomic design, provide wide viewing angle of 40-degree

Compact and thin size makes you test more conveniently because it covers small area of patient's face.
Test results can be secured practically and accurately due to wide range of viewing angle of 40 degree.

Forehead pedestal sensor

Forehead location detection, equipped with alert feature such as indicating optimum face location for test, can check whether patients maintain correct posture or not.

Left / right independent PD Adjustment and fast speed of lens switching

As Left / Right PD adjusted independently, it enhances the reliability of test results and when using an eye chart, enough illumination can be obtained by using light.
In addition, as the fast lens switching speed minimizes eye control and fatigue that can be migrated during a test, the quality of optometry is improved.

Provide easy maintenance and upgrade

As the forshead pedestal, facial contact, and eyepiece protect lens which are designed detachable type can be removed and cleaned easily, you can always maintain hygiene test environment. In addition, the software can be upgraded easily through USB.

  • 제품사양
Sphere Power(SPH)
asurement range

-29.00 ~ +26.75D(general)

-19.00 ~ +16.75D(cross cylinder or prism)
measurement unit -0.12D/0.25D/0.5D/1.00D
Cylinder Power(CYL)
asurement range -0D ~ ±8.75D
measurement unit -0.25D/1D/2D/3D
asurement range -0° ~ 180°
measurement unit -1°/5°/15°
Interpupillary Distance
asurement range -48 ~ 80mm. measurement distance: 35 ~ 70cm
measurement unit -0.5mm/1mm
Prism degree
asurement range -0△ ~ 20△
measurement unit -0.1△/0.5△/2△
Prism angle
asurement range -0° ~ 360°
measurement unit -1°/5°
Cross cylinder
automatic cross cylinder(±0.25D)
±0.25D cross cylinder
±0.50D cross cylinder
Subsidiary Lens
P.D/cover/pin hole(2mm)/(polarized light filter(45°/135°)
madox road(right eye: horizontality, left eye: verticality)
red-green filter(right eye: red filter, left eye: green filter)
polarized light filter(right eye: 135°, 45°)(left eye: 45°, 135°)
seperation prizm(right eye: 6△BU, left eye: 10△BU)
Refractor -323-389(W)x245(D)x59(H)mm/ 3.7kg
Controller -260(W)x230(D)x58(H)mm/ 3.1kg(printer included)
Junction box -210(W)x190(D)x70(H)mm/ 2,1kg(printer included)

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