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Message from CEO

We will endeavor to grow as a leading company in the optics market of the medical instruments industry.

Hello. I am Ko, Ansu, a representative director of Potec Co., Ltd. Established in 2002 with technical expertise recognized both internally and externally, ours is a professional company specializing in medical equipment for optics. We are well established to develop into a global brand in the field, proudly manufacturing wholly national technology. We have  registered a  number of intellectual property rights and are actively applying for yet others. We have established a number of systematic networks in over 60 countries, employing local marketing tools to enhance our brand image and expand our reach into markets abroad. Potec Co., Ltd. is a growing company that hopes to significantly contribute to the national economy with its competitive technologies and based on the motto: ‘Only for those who accept the challenge is growth possible. Only for companies that make investments in technology and pursue consistent research and development activities is survival possible.’ Representative Director of Potec Co., Ltd. Ko An Su

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