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Potec Co. Ltd. is a global firm on par with the world’s best.

  • Acquired CE Mark from globally recognized TUV and registered with the US FDA
  • Acquired EN ISO 13488 and EN ISO 9002[TUV Product Service] certification
  • Obtained two special permissions, two trial models,and four design regist rations
  • Won the 2003 Successful Design of an Auto Refractor Keratometer(PRK-5000)
  • Selected as a venture company (small and medium-sized enterprises)
  • Selected as a leading small and medium-sized enterprise [Daeje on Me trop olitan City]
  • Accredited by the Research Institute [Korea Industrial Technology Association]
  • Won three million won worth of pagoda exports and the Korean president awarding
  • Ever since Potec opened for the first time as a venture enterprise, our technological experts mainly based on the research and development have been leading ophthalmologic devices designed for opticians and ophthalmic clinics.
  • Potec has specialized in knowledge and techniques of particularly not only manufacturing Auto Ref-Keratometer series (PRK-5000/PRK-6000/PRK-7000) but also Chart Projector, Digital Refractor, Auto Lensmeter, and Patternless Edger. Our medical equipment has established a solid reputation for quality and efficiency throughout all over the world including Europe, Asia, and North America.
  • Potec retains a various of certifications for business cooperation and products quality, and also its intellectual properties are certified by domestic and foreign institution. We get abreast of leading companies in the world, based on products manufactured by our own technology.
  • As a world’s leading company, Potec promises to realize righteous management  and steadily grow our business territory, based on solid financial structure and its remarkable technology in the circumstance of rapid internalization and infinite competition.

Potec Co., Ltd. is a venture corporation established by Korea’s premiere professionals in the field of optics. We currently produce and sell Auto Refractors [PRK-5000] and [PRK-6000] as our main products, as well as exporting Chart Projec tors and Auto Phoroptors under OEM production. Our Auto Refractor Keratometer [PRK-5000] has developed a solid  reputation for quality and efficiency throughout Europe, Asia, and North America. Also, we successfully won exclusive copyrights to sell in China, India, Russia, and a range of European countries, guaranteeing us stea dy sales. The [PRK-6000] model was launched in October of 2007 and welcomed by our customers. Moreover, Potec Co., Ltd. has been certified as a promising small business corporation, applying for and registering anumber of domestic and foreign intellectual properties based firmly on our outstanding technical know-how. We stand alongside renowned corporations in this global marketplace.

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